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Painting in oil on canvas technique, measuring 60 x 80 cm.
Style: Contemporary realistic figurative;
Concept: Imaginary realism;
Theme: Universe of the feminine
Date: 2018

The work "Magia de Ser" is part of the series "Metaphors of Sentiments"

The work, signed by the artist on the front and behind the work, is accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity and Originality, signed by the artist and registered with a notary.

The work is in the frame.

Title of the work: "Magia de Ser"

SKU: peça única e original
  • Concept of the work "Magic of Being":

    The work "Magia de Ser" was made by the artist for her series of works entitled "Metaphors of feelings" . In this series, the artist uses situations, objects, real places in modern life where people interact, through an "Imaginary Reality", to demonstrate feelings and emotions and reflections linked to the soul.

    In this work, the artist deals with the " water " element that is linked to the feminine strength, intuition, magic, of the subconscious mind, of love and all emotions.

    Water is considered a sacred symbol in most religions. According to other beliefs, water is believed to have some special powers ... water is considered to be one of the symbols of the Great Goddess. In ancient traditions, water is one of the five elements, together with earth, fire, wood and metal, which make up the Universe.

    Just as water is fluid, constantly changing, flowing from one level to another, so are our emotions. Water is the element of absorption and germination.

    The subconscious is symbolized by this element, as it is always in motion, like the sea that never rests, whether it be night or day.

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