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Painting in oil on canvas technique, measuring 55 x 70 cm.
Style: Contemporary realistic figurative;
Concept: Imaginary realism;
Theme: Universe of the feminine
Date: 2008

Title of work: "La poesie"

SKU: peça única e original
  • Concept of the work "La poesie":

    The work "La poesie" was made by the artist for her series of works entitled "Divas" , which shows not only the beauty, but also the power and strength of women in all fields of life, especially her spiritual and mystical to transform the world.

    It is a reinterpretation of one of the works of the great master of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci.

    In this work, the woman is related to white orchids, one of the symbols of purity and spiritual elevation.

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