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Painting in oil on canvas technique, measuring 70 x 90 cm.
Style: Contemporary realistic figurative;
Concept: Imaginary realism;
Theme: Universe of the feminine
Date: 2015

Award-winning work in Rome / Italy.

The work "La photographe des illusions" is part of the series "Metaphors of Sentiments"

The work, signed by the artist on the front and behind the work, is accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity and Originality, signed by the artist and registered with a notary.

The work is in the frame.

Title of work: "La photographe des illusions"

SKU: peça única e original
  • Concept of the work "La photographe des illusions":

    The work "La photographe des illusions" was made by the artist for her series of works entitled "Metaphors of feelings" . In this series, the artist uses situations, objects, real places in modern life where people interact, through an "Imaginary Reality", to demonstrate feelings, emotions and reflections linked to the soul.

    In this particular work, the artist deals with trips around the world, in this case the temple of Delphos. Considered the “navel of the world”, the city of Delphos received this name thanks to the myth that narrates Zeus's search for the midpoint of the Earth. In order to delimit this place, Zeus sent two eagles from opposite ends of the world (in the case of this work, the eagles are represented by the artist through the 2 floating goddesses), one flying towards the other. They met in Delphi, designating the city as the center of the world, and making their temple a esteemed place for those looking for help and security.

    The meeting point of the eagles was marked with an oval stone, the omfalo (navel, in Greek). The oval shape of the stone probably stems from a belief that this shape transmitted good energy to those who touched it. Hence the place is called "Oracle of Delphos".

    The phrase " Know yourself " was inscribed on the entrance to the Oracle of Delphos in order to stimulate the reflection of the ancient Greeks. Located in Greece, in the city of Delphos, the temple was originally dedicated to Apollo, god of light, reason and true knowledge, patron of wisdom. This sentence would have the purpose of promoting, to people, self-knowledge and an investigation of their own depths in order to better deal with themselves and the world around them. There are other interpretations of that phrase, such as: " Remember who you are " or even " Recognize your place in the Cosmos "

    The artist introduces the photographer at the present time, recording the scenes of this distant, but so current past ... "Remember who you are" and "Recognize your place in the Cosmos"

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