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Painting in oil on canvas technique, measuring 90 x 80 cm.
Style: Contemporary realistic figurative;
Concept: Imaginary realism;
Theme: Universe of the feminine
Date: 2011

Title of work: "F comme femme"

SKU: peça única e original
  • Concept of the work "F comme femme":

    The work "F comme femme" was made by the artist for her series of works entitled "Divas" , which shows the duality between the divine side of each woman (represented by the madonna and the lily, a sign of purity and sensitivity) and the side of your sensuality. The fabric represents the lightness of Being and the cracks represent the strong side of women today (being a mother, wife, worker, provider ...), but also the power and strength of women in all fields of life above all, his spiritual and mystical strength to transform the world.

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